Bed and Breakfast in Piazza della Signoria, in the heart of Florence Center, facing Palazzo Vecchio


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In Piazza della Signoria

We face onto Piazza della Signoria in the heart of Florence. You can easily get here by taxi or by walking since we are in a pedestrian zone.

Coming by Car? Don't!

Florence is a small and very beautiful city with narrow streets and tiny bridges (not even very many of them), plus 21st century traffic problems - more cars than the streets can accommodate, lack of parking spaces and lots of agitated Italian drivers!

In order for you to enjoy your stay, we strongly recommend that you either

  • Don't bring a car to Florence
  • Leave your car somewhere (outside the city centre or in a car park) and forget about even having it until it's time to leave.

If you have a car to "store" for the duration of your stay, we will of course assist you in finding a solution. La Casa del Garbo, like the vast majority of central city apartments, hotels and the like, does not have a private car parking area but we do have a convention with 2 private parking garages that offer either pick up service directly to the hotel front door or shuttle service. We are physically situated in a pedestrian zone where cars are simply not allowed.

Have a safe and relaxed stay in Florence — without a car!