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History of Casa del Garbo


Casa del Garbo stands in the heart of Florence, part of the historical architectural backdrop of Piazza della Signoria, directly facing the Palazzo Vecchio.

The property is part of the Uguccioni Palace. Since the 16th century it used to host a convent: the Monache degli Angeli, who added to the building the 17th century Annunciation tabernacle ascribed to Matteo Rosselli.

The building


Palazzo Uguccioni

The Renaissance complex “Uguccioni Palace” includes - in addition to the properly called palace, ascribed to Raffaello and his pupils, and home of the noble Uguccioni family until a few years ago – other constructions of high architectural value. The building portion at the corner between the Piazza della Signoria and via dei Magazzini is called “Casa del Garbo”. The sandstone facade  of the main building exhibits three architectural orders: the groundfloor with faceted ashlars is doric; the upper stores, with tall windows separated by paired columns, are ionic and corinthian. A marble bust of Francesco I, by Giovanni Bandini, and the coat of arms of the Uguccioni family, with three cornflowers conceded by the French king, embellish the palace front.