hotel wedding in florence

Weddings in Florence

Weddings in Florence


La Casa del Garbo is right in front of Palazzo Vecchio.

It is here that every day couples from all over the world come to be married. Just imagine how wonderful it would be for you to celebrate your wedding among the antique tapestries of the thirteenth-century Salone dei Duecento located in Palazzo Vecchio, in the insuperable setting of Piazza Signoria!

The romantic suites, with a view, of the La Casa del Garbo are the ideal place to host you on this special occasion. Your family and your friends will also be thrilled to be with you in our residence during this extraordinary event. Take advantage of the special rates that we can agree upon together.

In addition, if you wish to receive help organizing the ceremony and its reception, you can count on us. Our expert wedding planner, Gaia, is ready to serve you.

Gaia can advise you about the right location to celebrate this special event. What style do you prefer? A wedding in a castle? A Florentine villa? A chic country venue?

Gaia is also ready to help you take care of the following details:

  • Church and location
  • Catering and banquet facilities
  • Music and entertainment
  • Photography and video
  • Flower Design
  • Wedding cake design
  • Vintage car rental
  • Make-up and hairstyling
  • Fancy sweet boxes
  • Bride and groom outfits
  • Invitations and participation